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Texas Pen Testers is a leading provider of Amazon Web Services (AWS) penetration testing services and solutions for businesses located in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, TX, and all throughout North America. AWS penetration testing differs significantly from conventional penetration testing in terms of methodologies and techniques as the ownership of the tested asset is the key distinction.  Every piece of the basic infrastructure used by AWS is owned by the Amazon organization, therefore, numerous techniques and procedures employed in conventional penetration testing may be in violation of the AWS Terms of Service. As such, it is important to note that penetration testing is not permitted on AWS infrastructure and may result in the AWS Incident Response Team being called in if it violates AWS policies.

When conducting penetration testing on Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments, it is crucial to follow specific requirements and guidelines to ensure the security and compliance of our testing activities. Texas Pen Testers employs the following best practices and requirements regarding AWS penetration testing:

  • Obtain Prior Authorization: We seek explicit written authorization from AWS and the respective AWS account owner before conducting any penetration testing activities. It is important to note that AWS requires customers to submit a request through the AWS Support Center for permission to perform penetration testing.
  • Define the Scope and Boundaries: We clearly define the scope and boundaries of the penetration testing engagement in collaboration with AWS and the account owner. This includes identifying the specific assets, systems, and services that are within the scope of the testing.
  • Use Supported Testing Methods: AWS provides guidelines and best practices for penetration testing, therefore please ensure that you adhere to these guidelines and use approved testing methods and tools. AWS maintains a list of approved third-party penetration testing tools that are permitted for use within AWS environments.
  • Limit Impact and Scope: We take measures to minimize any potential impact on production environments and other AWS customers. Specifically, we avoid activities that could disrupt services or cause unintended harm. Lastly, we test only the systems and services within the authorized scope.
  • Protect Customer Data and Privacy: We handle any customer data encountered during the penetration testing engagement with utmost care and in compliance with applicable data protection regulations. Specifically, we do not access, alter, or disclose customer data without proper authorization.
  • Follow Security Best Practices: We adhere to AWS security best practices when performing penetration testing. This includes utilizing secure authentication mechanisms, following secure network configuration principles, and applying appropriate security controls to protect AWS resources.
  • Monitor and Alert AWS: We fully notify AWS in advance about the timing and nature of the penetration testing activities. Additionally, we provide AWS with relevant contact information, including the penetration testing team’s point of contact, to ensure effective communication throughout the engagement.
  • Document and Report Findings: We document all testing activities, techniques used, vulnerabilities discovered, and any sensitive information obtained during the penetration testing engagement. Additionally, we prepare a comprehensive report detailing the findings, their potential impact, and actionable recommendations for remediation.
  • Comply with Legal and Regulatory Requirements: We ensure that your penetration testing activities adhere to relevant legal and regulatory requirements, such as data protection laws, industry-specific regulations, and contractual obligations.
  • Maintain Communication and Transparency: We maintain open communication with AWS and the account owner throughout the testing process. As such, we inform them of any critical findings or issues that require immediate attention. 

Remember to review and comply with AWS’s official guidance on penetration testing, as they may update their requirements and recommendations over time. Adhering to these best practices helps ensure a secure and compliant approach to conducting penetration testing in AWS environments.

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