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Network penetration testing by ethical, whitehat penetration testers, is an attempt by an ethical hacker to breach an organization’s network without doing any harm. The main objective is to identify security weaknesses in the network and its security controls, report on them, and allow the organization to remediate issues found.  Therefore, by utilizing the methods that a real hacker would use, network penetration testing provides one of the highest levels of security assurance an organization can have.  When performed correctly, it’s an incredibly valuable test when undertaken by expert pen testers.

Today’s networks are extremely complex, with a combination of WAN, LAN, and wireless networks, a large number of endpoints including servers, workstations, mobile devices and internet of things (IoT) devices, and so much more. It’s the main reason why organizations undertake network penetration testing services. From growing regulatory compliance measures to best-of-breed security initiatives, network penetration testing is a must in today’s world of ever-changing cybersecurity threats.

Texas Pen Testers offers flat-fee network penetration testing services for businesses in Texas, and all throughout the country.  As cyberattacks grow in both number and sophistication, organizations are increasingly under immense pressure to protect themselves from security threats and data compromise. And though organizations have responded by improving their security posture and adopting more advanced defense measures, keeping up with the ever-growing threats that continue to surface are a huge challenge indeed.

Network penetration testing is an excellent measure to perform for gaining a stronger understanding of your organization’s security posture, and what weaknesses and vulnerabilities are present. When performed correctly, network penetration testing offers immense value for any organization.  Texas Pen Testers has been performing network penetration testing for years for businesses all throughout the country.  From PCI DSS to banking/financial services, cloud computing, and more, we have the expertise in performing network penetration tests.

At Texas Pen testers, we adhere to the following steps in terms of conducting network penetration testing


Investigating Network Vulnerabilities

Reporting on Results of the Network Testing Exploitation

Identifying In-Scope Networks

Exploiting The In-Scope Networks

Developing a Plan for Effective and Full Remediation

Benefits of Network Penetration Testing 

  • Assessing organizational risk
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Assessment of security posture
  • Identification of malicious activity
  • Preventing network and data breaches
  • Ensuring network and system security
  • Compliance with today’s growing regulations & laws

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