Texas Pen Testers adheres to the well-known, industry leading OWASP penetration testing methodologies when performing penetration testing services for businesses in Texas, and all throughout North America.  From coast to coast, we get the job done right when it comes to pen testing for our valued clients.

When referencing  OWASP penetration testing methodologies, this includes incorporating the following, per referenced OWASP guidelines

OWASP Testing Guides

Web Security Testing Guide (WSTG)

Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG)

Firmware Security Testing Methodology

Penetration Testing Execution Standard

PCI Penetration Testing Guide

PCI DSS Penetration Testing Guide

PCI DSS Penetration Testing Requirements

Penetration Testing Frame Work

In summary, when it comes to technical security testing execution, the OWASP testing guides are highly recommended. Depending on the types of applications, the testing guides are used accordingly for the web/cloud services, Mobile app (Android/iOS), or IoT firmware respectively. Need penetration testing services in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and other locations in Texas, and around the nation? 

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