When performing penetration testing for our valued clients all throughout North AmericaTexas Pen Testers adheres to the following seven-phase process

Phases Steps

Discussion & Discovery

No successful penetration ever begins without a comprehensive discussion & discovery covering essential pen test criteria.  Items to cover with our clients include team introductions, testing methodologies and recommendations, client expectations, legal implications, overall goals & deliverables, and much more.  If we don’t ask – you won’t know – all the more reason to have a healthy Q&A dialogue on the front end before a penetration test even commences. 

Information Gathering

We employ traditional reconnaissance or Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering to ensure the full scope and understanding of the penetration test is crystal clear.  We therefore work to gather as much intel on your organization as possible, and the potential targets to exploit.  Intelligence gathering can include any number of techniques, ranging from simple search engine queries to other more advanced social engineering tactics, and much more.

Vulnerability Analysis

After we successfully scan and analyze assets, we’ll employ vulnerability identification methods to look for potential exploitation opportunities. Identifying vulnerabilities can be done manually, but we prefer an automated vulnerability scanning tool.  And as to the question regarding penetration testing vs. vulnerability scans, please see below (as it is a very common question!).


Subsequent to having identified the vulnerabilities, we will attempt to exploit those vulnerabilities using either public or custom exploits with the ultimate target being root or administrator privileges on a given in-scope system. A common tool used for this is Metasploit, a framework that provides a streamlined process for finding and executing publicly available exploits for vulnerabilities. 

Report Presentation

Following the successful completion of your penetration test, we prepare a formal report on findings. While this formally concludes the penetration test, it just begins the discussion on the results of the test, our findings, and recommendations for improvement of your controls and overall security posture. A well-written report, such as the one we provide to our clients, will have all material presented clearly, with all necessary visual aids, such as screenshots, also included. 

It’s very difficult – almost impossible – to have a completely vault-like environment with no issues found. In fact, we’ve been conducting penetration tests for years, and have yet to issue a report with zero findings.  There’s always something to improve upon when it comes to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of your network. When it comes to implementing proven pen testing phases when performing penetration testing services, look no further than Texas Pen Testers, your go to provider for penetration testing all throughout North America.

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