Texas Pen Testers adheres to the well-known, industry leading Open Penetration Testing Execution Standards (PTES) security and penetration testing methodologies when performing penetration testing services for businesses in Texas, and all throughout North America.  From coast to coast, we get the job done right when it comes to pen testing for our valued clients.

The Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) is a penetration testing method developed by a team of information security practitioners with the aim of addressing the need for a complete and up-to-date standard in penetration testing. In addition to guiding security professionals, PTES also attempts to inform organizations with what they should expect from a penetration test and guide them in scoping and negotiating successful projects.

​As such, PTES is a comprehensive guide that outlines a standardized methodology for conducting penetration tests. It includes best practices for every stage of the penetration testing process, from scoping and planning to report generation.

Phases Steps

Pre-Engagement Interactions

This is the preparation phase for the pen test. It is all about document approvals and tools needed for the test.

Intelligence Gathering

In this phase information about the target system is gathered from external sources like social media websites, official records etc. This phase comes under OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence).

Threat Modeling

It is a procedure for optimizing network security by identifying objectives and vulnerabilities, and then defining countermeasures to prevent, or mitigate the effects of, threats to the system. It is skipped in typical pan tests.

Vulnerability Analysis

This phase discovers and validates vulnerabilities. That is the risk that an attacker could exploit and gain authorized access to the system or application.


In this phase, the tester tries to reach the security of the target system using the vulnerabilities previously identified and validated.

Report Presentation

This phase maintains control over the target system and collects data.

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