Web Applications – A Highly Critical Role in Today’s Digital World

Web applications play a vital role in today’s modern digital world we all live in. However, if your organization fails to properly test and secure its web apps, malicious actors can compromise these applications, resulting in massive damage to the web apps themselves. Unfortunately, many organizations operate under the mistaken impression that a web application security scanner will reliably discover flaws in their systems.

You need much more than scanning for web application security. You need to be performing website application penetration testing. Texas Pen Testers is a leading provider of flat-fee website application penetration testing services for businesses in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and other locations in Texas.

Moreover, customers expect web applications to provide significant functionality and data access. Looking beyond the importance of customer-facing web applications, did you know it is internal web applications that increasingly represent the most commonly used business tools within any organization?

Texas Pen Testers offers flat-fee web application penetration testing services for businesses in Texas, and all throughout the country.

Now more than ever, both consumers and organizations alike are relying on instant, on-demand services from web applications.  From external facing web applications to internally driven applications, web applications are being used by virtually everyone in today’s world.  

At Texas Pen testers, we adhere to the following steps in terms of conducting network penetration testing


Investigating Website Vulnerabilities

Reporting on Results of the Website Testing Exploitation

Identifying In-Scope Networks

Exploiting Website Related and Connected Networks

Developing a Plan for Effective and Full Remediation

Benefits of Web Application Penetration Testing 

  • Assessing organizational risk
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Assessment of security posture
  • Identification of malicious activity
  • Preventing network and data breaches
  • Ensuring network and system security
  • Compliance with today’s growing regulations & laws

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